About HostMyJunk

Welcome to the free image hosting site HostMyJunk.com, the sister site of Pro-Touring.com

HostMyJunk.com is a site for hosting your automotive related pictures to easily share on forums like Pro-Touring.com and many others.

HostMyJunk.com was created as a way to host our own photos and not rely on anyone else. We also don’t have to worry about anyone holding our pictures for ransom someday.

To help promote HostMyJunk.com your photos will be available for all anyone who wants to explore the site and we will watermark all photos uploaded to HostMyJunk.com

We will remove any photos that are considered not safe for work without warning and multiple offenders may be banned. It’s meant to be a fun PG13 type site and if we won’t allow it on Pro-Touring.com we won’t allow it here.